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Call for Proposals

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Please complete the following form to submit a proposal. It is suggested that you keep a back-up of your original proposal information in a separate word processing document on your computer. Only list presenters who are planning to present at the conference in person. If you would like to mention co-authors who will not present at the conference, you can mention them in the proposal description section.

Important: when you have completed the form below, be sure to click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the page, otherwise we will not receive or have any knowledge of your submission.

Please craft a description that could be used in the conference program to attract the interest of audience members (180 words or 1000 characters maximum).
Please use the following space if you would like to submit a longer description of your presentation proposal. The long description will be reviewed by the proposal selection committee if provided, but may not be used in any conference materials.
Presenter / Présentateur / Ponente #1
Brief biography illustrating expertise on the proposed topic (narrative format, 150 words maximum).