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Past NACCD Conference on Education 4.0 (March 2018)

Hosted in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Co-hosted by Jalisco Consortium for Higher Education Cooperation and Internationalization

Preparing for the Inauguration of the Second Conference

Keynote Presentation (in Spanish) by Francisco Marmolejo

The Competitiveness of the North American Region: Where We Are and Where We’re Going by Francisco Marmolejo

Cruce 2pm - Dynamics of Red Global MX Chapters

Project coordinator shares the dynamics and work of the RedGlobalMX chapters

The ELAP Model from a Student’s Perspective

By Hadrian Gonzalez Torres, Student, CETYS Universidad

Cruce 2pm Representing Baja California-Mexicali in the CONAHEC Innovation Congress 4.0

Closing Remarks by Hans de Wit

Hans de Wit, Director, CIHE, Boston College