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About Guadalajara

Guadalajara is the capital and largest city in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. It is also the 2nd largest city in Mexico. 

Known as the land of tequila and mariachi, it is rich in history and traditions; it is also known as the Mexican Silicon Valley. You will find glimpses of its dazzling architecture in Hospicio Cabañas, a hospital built in century XIX, or in its cathedral. Guadalajara has managed to make tradition and modernity coexist in a single space because it preserves centenary culture and tradition such as charrería, folkloric dance, jarabe tapatío and tequila, but it is also the main producer of technology and software in the country, offering a look at the future of Mexico

The climate is considered pleasant due to offering a spring-like climate throughout the year. This results in blooming trees and plants. Therefore, visiting Guadalajara results in an emergence of Mexico’s past in the historic city while experiencing the delight of colors, celebrations, and authentic food.

  • Downtown Guadalajara

Hospicio Cabañas

Teatro Degollado


Government Palace

Municipal Palace

Rotonda de los Jalisciences Ilustres

  • Museums

Museo de Arte de Zapopan

Western Museum of Archeology

Casa Museo Lopez Portillo

  • Guadalajara's neighboring towns (45 min. from Guadalajara)